Waldo Cortes-Acosta Defeats Jared Vanderaa By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 213

Waldo Cortes-Acosta earned a unanimous decision victory over Jared Vanderaa tonight at UFC FIght Night 213 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Leg kick for Vanderaa to start. Cortes-Acosta looks to jab to the body. Leg kick from Vanderaa.

Cortes-Acosta winging a couple of body shots. Vanderaa with a couple of inside leg kicks.

Cortes-Acosta applying pressure. Vanderaa lands another low kick. Cortes-Acosta loads up on a big punch but misses. He does land a jab though.

Hard flurry of left and right hands from Cortes-Acosta. Solid calf kick for Vanderaa. Nice right hand from Cortes-Acosta.

Lull in the action. Jab from Cortes-Acosta. Now one to the body and lands there again with the right hand this time.

Front kick to the body from Cortes-Acosta. Calf kick for Vanderaa. He lands that again. Cortes-Acosta doesn’t looks as comfortable on that leg now. He lunges into a big punch that doesn’t quite connect. Another leg kick from Vanderaa as the round is drawing to a close.

Round Two:

Cortes-Acosta pressing forward and Vanderaa immediately back to chipping away at that lead leg.

Two leg kicks land for Vanderaa, one to each leg. Another connects. One more for him and then Cortes-Acosta marches forward throwing heavy leather as he looks to get some payback.

Cortes-Acosta limping a bit on that leg. Yet another leg kick and Cortes-Acosta roars at Vanderaa as he tries to continue to go forward despite clearly being hurt from these blows.

Finally Cortes-Acosta is able to leg a kick and roars again afterwards. Cortes-Acosta launches into a big punch over the top and another behind it that connects. Vanderaa clinches up to take the fire out of that attack.

Back to striking range and Vanderaa is content to work that lower limb again.

Cortes-Acosta trying to target the body and head with punches. Now he lands a leg kick of his own to the thigh.

Body punch for Cortes-Acosta. Inside leg kick for Vanderaa. Another leg kick and then a knee as Cortes-Acosta attempted to clinch.

Nice hook from Vanderaa now. He lands another hook. leg kick for Cortes-Acosta.

Round Three:

Jab for Vanderaa as Cortes-Acosta is looking to land his own. He does just that. leg kick from Vanderaa. Kick to the body from Cortes-Acosta. Inside leg kick for Vanderaa.

Right hand lands for Cortes-Acosta. Now a grazing jab. Inside leg kick from Vanderaa. Reaching jab from Cortes-Acosta.

Calf kick from Vanderaa. Now another one that turns Cortes-Acosta around. Jab for Cortes-Acosta. Vandreaa gets into range and is greeted by a flurry from Cortes-Acosta.

Triple jab from Cortes-Acosta. He lands another couple as Vanderaa’s nose starts to get redder.

Back to the leg kicks for Vanderaa. Jabs again for Cortes-Acosta. He’s just flocking it out there and now doing some showboating. He eats a leg kick for his efforts.

Random salsa dancing from both men now, then a touch of gloves and back to striking. Cortes-Acosta winging a few big hooks and Vanderaa lands a low kick. They trade leg kicks now. Vanderaa just misses on a head kick attempt.


Cortes-Acosta’s lead leg was clearly compromised early in the fight by Vanderaa’s consistent leg kicks and so he continued with that strategy, but Cortes-Acosta never let that stop him from marching forward and that pressure together with being more willing to let his hands go helped him to a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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