Watch Influencer Get Chased Down Street After Insulting Nate Diaz

An irritating influencer quickly regretted insulting Nate Diaz at the latest pre-fight press conference for his boxing match against Jorge Masvidal this weekend when he found himself being hunted down by the star’s entourage.

“When you get knocked out, are you going to retire?” social media influencer N3on asked Diaz at the presser.

Needless to say Diaz didn’t take kindly to that intentional insult and launched a series of expletives Neon’s way, before threatening to leg kick him.

“Who said that so I know who you are?” Diaz responded. “That little b*tch boy? You f*cking little p*ssy f*ggot. What the f*ck?”

“I’m gonna kick you in your f*cking leg, motherf*cker. P.S., f*ck you.”

Diaz didn’t follow through on that threat, but soon after his sizeable entourage decided to take matters into their own hands as they chased N3on out the building and down the street into a nearby car park as the influencer panicked, screamed in fear and attempted to beg forgiveness from them.

From the sounds of things N3on didn’t actually get beat up in the end, but it did seem to shake him up enough that he’s now questioning the path he’s chosen in life.

“On my life I’m about to be done with this bullshit,” N3on told his followers afterwards. “I just got ran after by grown ass 40 year olds and I ran into a road with driving cars and went into a dead end in a parking garage and I see this. I’m good off this fake ass love.”

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