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Watch Ronda Rousey Slam Triple H Through A Table At WWE Event

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey is quickly making a big impact over in the WWE, and last night she made headlines after a confrontation with one of the pro-wrestling outfits most prominent stars, Triple H.

Rousey appeared at the Elimination Chamber event on Sunday to officially sign her WWE contract in the cage, while Triple H and Stephanie McMahon watched on.

However, Kurt Angle then let it slip that the pair were only signing Rousey to get control of her after a previous confrontation between them back at Wrestlemania 31 a few years ago.

Upon hearing this Rousey confronted Triple H and ended up slamming him through a table and was then slapped by McMahon.

Neverthless, Rousey did sign the contract, which will see her perform on Monday Night RAW and then Wrestlemania 34 in April.

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