Court McGee Defeats Alex Garcia By Decision At UFC Fight Night 138

Court McGee outworked Alex Garcia to a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 138.

Round One:

Body kick from McGee. Left hand just misses from Garcia. Dangerous left hooks being thrown by Garcia, but not quite finding the mark so far.

Low leg kick for McGee. He goes for another kick and it’s caught by Garcia who uses it to bring him partially down to the mat, though McGee manages to get back up against the cage.

Garcia still has the back clinch though. Knees landing for Garcia. Garcia bringing McGee down and takes his back as he stands back up.

McGee manages to shake him off and throws punches as they separate. Winging overhand from Garcia. Side kick to the body from McGee.

Two-piece combo from Garcia. Leg kick and then a missed punch from McGee. Closing seconds of the round and McGee lands a well-timed takedown.

Round Two:

Garcia clips McGee with a punch as he goes for a kick. OVerhand lands for Garcia. Garcia moves in for a punch but gets caught with a grazing counter that seems to stun him and he sinks to the canvas. McGee looking to capitalize as he follows him to the mat with punches.

Garcia gets his bearings back, but McGee settles on top. Grinding work from McGee now inside Garcia’s guard. McGee looking to stay busy as he lands body punches and elbows to the head, though nothing to big. In the end the ref decides there’s not quite enough action and stands them up.

Garcia looking for a takedown, but nothing doing. McGee looking for a takedown of his own now against the cage. Good knee to the body from McGee and then lands the takedown.

McGee in half-guard this time around. He lands punches to the body then stands over his opponent to end the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for McGee. Head kick miss from him. Single leg takedown attempt from Garcia doesn’t pay off. Now McGee presses him to the cage.

A couple of knees exchanged and then Garcia lands an uppercut. McGee working for the takedown, but Garcia stuffs it. Nice switch from Garcia as McGee goes to bring him down again. Now Garcia pressing McGee to the cage and works a takedown.

Scrambling action and Garcia takes McGee’s back. They scramble again and Garcia stays latched onto McGee’s back looking for a rear-naked choke attempt.

Garcia slides off McGee’s back and he ends up on top landing a few elbows to the head. McGee stands over him and then moves back down again.

45 seconds to go as he works ground and pound from half guard. Garcia scrambling, but McGee stays on top and lands elbows as the round draws to a conclusion.


McGee was able to outwork and outgrapple Garcia here to emerge with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2,30-28).

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