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Sodiq Yusuff TKO’s Suman Mokhtarian In First Round At UFC Fight Night 142

Sodiq Yusuff meant business from the opening bell against Suman Mokhtarian tonight at UFC Fight Night 142 and soon had him in real trouble with vicious punches that led to a TKO stoppage mid-way through the first round.

Round One:

Yussuf stalking Mokhtarian to start and throws a few big strikes, landing a heavy uppercut in the process. However then Mokhtarian gets into the clinch and presses Yusuff against the cage.

Yusuff reverses the position and lands repeated knees to the leg. He’s continuing to pepper Mokhtarian’s left leg with these knees and then eventually backs up.

Yusuff moves back in launching hard-hitting blows. He’s throwing everything into these punches and an overhand gets through cleanly and hurts Mokhtarian.

Yusuff with more blows now, blasting Mokhtarian’s head with four punches and backing up against the cage. Incredible ferocity in these strikes and Mokhtarian is just covering his head as best he can as Yusuff rips to the body and then goes upstairs.

The referee thinks Mokhtarian has taken enough punishment and steps in to end the fight by TKO with just 2.14mins on the clock, which provokes an immediate angry response from the fighter who clearly feels he was still ok to continue, and he might have a case there, though Yusuff was definitely coming on strong in pursuit of the finish.

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