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UFC 12: Judgement Day For Free – Full Video

In a highly unusual move, the UFC have chosen to release the full UFC 12: Judgement Day event from back in February of 1997 for free on YouTube.

This was a landmark event for several reasons. For one it was the first to feature weightclasses – heavyweight (which at the time meant 200lbs+) and lightweights (below 199lbs) and would lead to the first ever heavyweight champion being crowned when Mark Coleman fought Dan Severn.

It was also significant for marking the debut of a young Vitor Belfort, while Joe Rogan also made his first appearance for the UFC as a backstage interviewer.

Consider watching the ‘UFC 25 Years In Short: Judgement Day’ documentary from the UFC about the political pressure that surrounded this event HERE first and then sit back and Enjoy the full show below.

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