4 things to expect in the two title fights at UFC 181

Don’t get your hopes up, don’t hold your breath, don’t believe the hype, all ways of saying check your expectations. Expectations are what determine our pleasure from something.  If you know the next Transformers movie will have horrible dialogue and bad editing, but just watch it for the giant robots punching the hell out of each other you won’t be disappointed.  If you expect a movie to be a complete representation of the book you will be let down.  If you expect a war of an MMA fight, and it turns out to be a wrestling match, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  If you expect a slow grinding decision, and Johny Hendricks knocks out Jon Fitch in 12 seconds you just might be jumping for joy.  There are going to be two great fights on this weekend and here is what we can expect.  

Living in the mountain west areas of Colorado and Wyoming Gaelan developed a passion for MMA at an early age. From watching to training and now writing he loves all aspects of the sport. He hopes to continue bringing the purest form of competition to every household across the globe.