Australia Saying: Good day, MMA

2. Success in Combat Sport
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In the past Australia had cultivated plenty of professional fighters in different styles. In Muay Thai and Kickboxing, Australians Nathan Corbett and John Wayne Parr (and his wife Angela Rivera-Parr) possess impressive numbers of professional fight bouts and world titles. Jeff Fenech and Kostya Tszyu regarded as top boxers down under are inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. MMA had earned interest in the fighting community here only very recently, the most prominent MMA tournament AFC (Australian Fighting Championship) formed a mere 5 years ago in 2010 and is already regarded as one of the top MMA organisations in the world. Some veteran fighters had the opportunity to try one or two professional cage fights but retirement beckons before they had the opportunity to push themselves to full potential. With the steady growth or participation and viewership, many traditional striking/ grappling gyms are turning multi-disciplinary to hopefully cultivate a future generation of MMA fighters.

Chingyin Ng, originally from Singapore had lived in London, UK and is now based in Melbourne Australia. She had trained extensively in a variety of martial arts including Muay Thai and Boxing. As MMA gains popularity in Australia and Asia, Chingyin follows all news and progress with enthusiasm and with her unique and bilingual background she is able to provide a different perspective.