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How the Reebok deal will affect the UFC, its fighters and MMA

It was recently announced that the UFC and Reebok signed a lucrative deal that would make the sports clothing company an exclusive sponsor of the organisation.

The deal looks set to have major effects on the UFC and the fighters who are signed with the organisation.

UFC fighters will no longer be able to display banners with their other sponsors’ logos emblazoned on them, which may adversely impact on fighters’ deals with those sponsors.

However, UFC President Dana White has also pledged that UFC sponsors will get all of the money contributed by Reebok as part of the sponsorship deal.

Should this be the case, it may lead to extra and more stable income for all fighters, including the organisation’s newer fighters, many of whom work day jobs to supplement their income from MMA.

The deal was announced in December, so the full effects of it will only begin to be seen in 2015.

It currently seems to have support from the majority of UFC fighters, however, with many of them taking to Twitter to voice their initial approval of the UFC-Reebok deal.

The sponsorship deal has the potential to positively or negatively affect fighters and also has the potential to influence other organisations and companies to undertake similar deals if the UFC-Reebok one is a success.

Because of this, the effects of the deal between UFC and Reebok is something to pay close attention to next year.

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