Four Things to Watch For in 2015


The Growth of One FC and Bellator

2014 saw a few big things happens for both One FC and Bellator.

For Bellator, there was a change in President as Scott Coker replaced founder Bjorn Rebney at the helm of the organisation.

The former President of Strikeforce, Coker has presided over a number of changes and signings to the organisation.

Well known fighters like Melvin Manhoef and Stephen Bonnar have signed deals with the organisation since Coker has taken over.

The tournament structure that was once prominent under Rebney now appears to have been done away with, with the new brass opting for normal matches instead.

This has all led to a bunch of talk and a growth in interest in whether Bellator will grow to be a viable competitor to its rival in North America, the UFC.

One FC has also seen interesting expansion and changes throughout 2014.  It inked Welterweight contender and former Olympian Ben Askren to a deal, which led to the American capturing the One FC Welterweight strap from Nobatatsu Suzuki in August.

The Singapore-based organisation also named former UFC Middleweight champion and MMA legend Rich Franklin as its Vice President, which has put a popular face on its brand.

Fighters like Brandon Vera and Roger Gracie have also signed with the organisation, which will boost interest and competition in the heavier, more shallow divisions of One FC.

Perhaps the biggest news for One FC, however, was its expansion into mainland China. The organisation is set to hold its first Chinese event in Beijing later this month, and a show in Guangzhou has already been announced for February 2015.

That gives One FC a direct potential audience of well over one billion people in one of the world’s strongest economies.

All of the above helps make One FC and Bellator organisations to keep a close eye on in 2015.

From Perth, Australia, Bruno has been an MMA fan on and off (mostly on) for 10 years. He did Taekwondo for a few years as a kid and dabbled in BJJ and Muay Thai as an adult, but is more an MMA fan than anything else. He is also an experienced journalist and writer, having written a number of articles on an array of topics.