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UFC Fight Night Results: 'Machida vs. Dollaway' Play-by-Play & Updates

Erik Silva

Silva come out flashy in the opening seconds causing Rhodes to return fire in aggression. That aggression let Silva score a counter takedown and do what he does so well. The transitions from guard to side control, and then switching sides was an excellent display of perfect and explosive technique, all started with a counter takedown.  The fighters that beat Erik Silva bring the pressure to him not because he started the engagement like Rhodes did but because that is their style and they were going to do that anyway.  Silva is good, but is he ready for a top ten opponent again? With GSP gone the welterweight division is a shark tank of potential champions. He is not ready for another top ten, not quite yet. A match with Rick Story who likes to bring the pressure early and often holds some intrigue.  Can he over come the style he has been having trouble with in the last couple years? Rick story is just out side the top ten and a victory over him could grant Silva another top ten welterweight and a place and the big kids table.

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