There is a first time for everything – UFC Fight Night 72, “Jo Jo” vs “Cast Iron”

First time in Scotland

Should Scotland be an independent country? This was a very serious question asked to the Scots September 2014. By a very small margin of 10.6% majority of the Scots still voted to stay with the United Kingdom. Nonetheless they will raise the topic of Scottish identity each time the opportunity arises, for example, in every tennis match it is ensured that they remind the world that Andy Murray is Scottish, not English. In this instance, after 15 UFC events in the United Kingdom the Scots are absolutely thrilled to point out that this is the first time UFC is held in Scotland.

That said, out of the 24 fighters featured that evening only 3 are of Scottish origin, of which 2 are on the main card, Joanne “Jo Jo” Calderwood and Steven Ray. The event has had a rather turbulent start. Scheduled for this weekend Jul 18th, 4 out of 12 fights had to be re-matched due to injury. Two of the fighters Konstantin Erokhin and Ian Entwistle were pulled out in late June and the other two Australians Jake Matthews and Bec Rawlings pulled out 9th and 10th July respectively.

Chingyin Ng, originally from Singapore had lived in London, UK and is now based in Melbourne Australia. She had trained extensively in a variety of martial arts including Muay Thai and Boxing. As MMA gains popularity in Australia and Asia, Chingyin follows all news and progress with enthusiasm and with her unique and bilingual background she is able to provide a different perspective.