Top 5 Pound for Pound Fighters in the UFC for 2015



The ranking of fighters across different weight classes is a complicated undertaking. There are those who think the whole process to be an exercise in futility, a flyweight will never face a heavyweight in todays UFC so what’s the point? Although it is true that the pound for pound rankings are predominantly for entertainment purposes, it can also be argued that it is a an excellent way to compare the natural and technical abilities of all fighters in the UFC today.

Various external elements can have a major impact on fighter rankings in general, such as the level of competition they face, their overall media exposure across all platforms or their history of accomplishments in the sport. For this article we are removing all of those variables.

Our ranking system is solely based upon current technical ability and proficiency across all disciplines of mixed martial arts. It will only take into account performances over the last few years so a long storied history of accomplishments will not be taken into account. To be eligible for these rankings you must be an active fighter competing in the UFC, all divisions including women’s bantamweight and strawweight are eligible. With all things being equal, lets take a look at the best of the best in modern mixed martial arts.

Philip hails from Dublin in Ireland and has been a fan of mixed martial arts for many years. Working as a filmmaker and a writer Philip covers the UFC across all mediums. He is a firm believer that the raw passion and visceral nature of unarmed combat makes mixed martial arts the greatest sport in the world.