Matt Serra And Dan Hardy Put Conor McGregor On Blast For Bellator Antics

Conor McGregor Post Fight

Conor McGregor issued an apology for his out-of-control antics at Bellator 187 last weekend in Ireland, but two former UFC stars aren’t ready to forgive and forget what he did just yet.

On his Twitter account, fighter turned UFC color commentator Dan Hardy questioned the sincerity of McGregor’s apology for jumping into the cage and confronting referee Marc Goddard and a Bellator official during a fight featuring one of his teammates Charlie Ward.

“Apologize at the start and finish of the statement, but put your real thoughts/excuse in the middle. That’s called a #ShitSandwich,” Hardy mused.

“You really aren’t understanding the situation are you?!” Hardy then responded to a McGregor supporter. “I’m a fan of Conor, but this behavior is bad for MMA. and I still stand by the actual fact, that it was reckless and disrespectful. Same as the governing bodies and UFC.”

Meanwhile, ex-UFC champion and current co-host of the UFC’s own ‘Unfiltered’ podcast Matt Serra was also turning up the heat on the Irish superstar.

“The point is this: He makes it about himself,” Serra said on the latest episode of the show. “He doesn’t make it about his friends. He’s not doing that to support his friends … Dude – you’re an attention whore. That’s not respectful to your fighter. And what about him jumping on the cage and smacking the official?

“If I did that, if anybody did that, they’d be called a (expletive) asshole. How does this guy get a pass? … He’s acting like a (expletive) asshole.”


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