Tito Ortiz Looking To Draw Big PPV Numbers For Trilogy Fight With Chuck Liddell

Tito Ortiz has already signed up for a trilogy fight with Chuck Liddell, and if his old nemesis also signs on the dotted line then he’s hopeful that it will lead to big numbers on pay-per-view and a lucrative payday for all concerned.

“I’m just waiting on Chuck Liddell’s side to kind of sign the contract, get this done,” Ortiz told Submission Radio this week. “So, it’s just a matter of time.

“I think Chuck’s kind of holding out, trying to make more money out of it, which it just doesn’t make sense because this deal is pretty much a cut and dry contract. We’re both partners. De La Hoya wants his 40 percent and me and Chuck Liddell get to split 30 percent. So that’s on complete revenue of the whole fight in general.

“It’s just a blessing in disguise,” Ortiz continuted. “We’re able to make a big percentage of the revenue with pay-per-view, the gate, merchandising, sponsorship — something that no MMA event has ever done before, and we’re gonna make it happen.”

Ortiz then went on to speculate how many pay-per-views a third fight between the two might end of generating, and he seems to believe it will capture people’s attention, even though both fighters are now well past their prime.

I talked to some of the guys like Sean Shelby, some of the other promoters, and they said, ‘You guys have a possibility of doing some really great numbers because people don’t know what to expect,’” Ortiz said. “So what’s the magic number? Is it over 500,000? Will we meet that million number that we did last time me and Chuck fought?

“If we fall right in the middle of that, I would be happy. Chuck of course would be happy and of course De La Hoya would be like, ‘We have started a new game,’ and other fighters will be like, ‘How do I get a part of that? How do I get a piece of that? How do I get into that promotion?’ And talking to me would be the first step.”

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