Analyzing the Zombie’s Chances of Winning Featherweight Title

KoreanZombie605x240We are just days away from UFC 163 where Jose Aldo will defend the UFC featherweight title against Chan Sung Jung, otherwise known as The Korean Zombie. The fight will be the main event of the card that will also feature an important light heavyweight fight between Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis. When it comes down to it, the only important thing to look at is the chances Jung has of actually winning the title.

Aldo has not lost a fight since 2005, spanning 15 fights. He tore through World Extreme Cagefighting winning all eight fights and has won all four fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is widely considered one of the top three pound for pound fighters in the world and many are expecting him to go straight through his challenger.

Zombie is the underdog by every major betting book in the world including +450 odds at Paddy Power. He may have become a star in mixed martial arts after his amazing submission victory over Leonard Garcia with the Twister, but in the eyes of some, hasn’t warranted a title shot. Whether he deserves the shot or not, what are the chances he walks away from the HSBC Arena in Brazil with the world title.

When you look at what kind of fighter Zombie is thought to be, you would assume he is a scrapper. You would think he is a man that is known for brawling, but that isn’t the case. If anything, he is a fighter that is more dangerous with his submission game than anything else, but Aldo has the world class skills to combat everything Zombie can do.

The fight game is unpredictable. On any given night, anyone can walk away the winner. Just ask Anderson Silva about that. That being said, it’s unlikely that Aldo loses his world title this weekend.

Hobson Lopes is a writer with experiences in several fields in sports writing especially MMA & UFC. Hobson is a 2012 graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Western Connecticut State University. He currently writes for,, and many other websites.