Interview With One FC’s Stephen Langdown

Stephen Langdown is a virtual unknown in the MMA world right now, but that will change on October 18 if he gets his way. That is the date the bantamweight is set to fight on One FC: Total Domination in his home country of Singapore.

Nowadays, few fighters make their MMA debuts in an organisation as big as One FC, so for Langdown, who will be fighting Malaysia’s Mark Marcellinus, it’s a huge chance to showcase his talent in front of legions of fans.

Right now, fans are more captivated by another bantamweight fight on the card, the bantamweight title fight between champion Soo Chul Kim and interim champion Bibiano Fernandes. That is set to be a huge fight, but we at Fight of the Night spoke to Langdown to see why his bantamweight bout shouldn’t be looked over.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Your background, how you got into training and MMA, that sort of thing

I’m 21 years old in December. I started training two years ago. It all started when a friend of mine was watching a MMA show when I was at his house. I was fascinated, so I looked for a MMA gym. I did a trial class, signed up and haven’t left since.

Did you have any background in sports/martial arts before you started training in MMA?  

I was a sprinter for Singapore, I actually competed in Australia *laughs* (the writer’s country of residence). I also played amateur level football (soccer) until I was 18.

You’re making your MMA debut in One FC in their Total Domination card. That’s a big organisation to debut for. How did all that come about?

A training video I uploaded on YouTube went viral. A One FC scout saw it, I was contacted and here we are. It’s a huge organisation to debut for and I’m very grateful for the chance.

It looks like Mark Marcellinus has more of a stand up background…Does that affect your game plan at all?

It doesn’t affect my game plan at all. I’m more than happy to stand and bang with him and put on a great show.

In terms of MMA, what do you see as your greatest asset/s?

My biggest strength would be my stand up/Muay Thai but that’s not to be mistaken for being one dimensional. I’m very confident in my ground game, but I just prefer to stand and trade.

The bantamweight division has got to be one of the most stacked in the One FC and MMA as a whole. Who do you admire most in that division?

I admire (One FC interim Bantamweight champion) Bibiano Fernandes the most in that division. He’s an MMA superstar with an amazing skillset. To get to fight on the same card as him will be surreal.

I remember seeing you on the Underground forum looking for sponsors, are you still searching?

I have some offers but I am still searching. I’m keeping my options open. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring me for my fight can send me an email at [email protected]

Are there any parting words you have for the hordes of Langdown & MMA fans in Singapore and beyond?

I want to say thank you to my friends, fans and family for the continued support they have given me, my coaches and training partners for pushing me every day and sacrificing time to help me train. I also want to thank ONE FC for giving me this opportunity and thank you for having me.


One FC: Total Domination is set to take place on October 18 at Singapore Indoor Stadium in, you guessed it, Singapore.

From Perth, Australia, Bruno has been an MMA fan on and off (mostly on) for 10 years. He did Taekwondo for a few years as a kid and dabbled in BJJ and Muay Thai as an adult, but is more an MMA fan than anything else. He is also an experienced journalist and writer, having written a number of articles on an array of topics.