Raising Champions: Five of The Best MMA Trainers

The fight game is equal parts hard work and preparation. Hard work mainly lies on the shoulders of the fighters; how they push themselves and how they endure the physical and mental anguish over the course of their training is a testament to their work ethic.

On the other hand, preparation is essentially down to their trainers. Assessing your own fighter’s weaknesses and turning them into strengths, breaking down an opponents’ style and then coming up with the necessary game plan requires dedication, skill and a deep knowledge of all aspects of the game. In the ultra-competitive world of mixed martial arts, having an astute tactician can make the difference between being a good fighter and a great one.

Attempting to rank MMA’s top trainers is by no means an easy task and make no mistake – there are other outstanding coaches out there that didn’t make the list. The likes of Cesar Gracie, Mark DellaGrotte, and Trevor Wittman don’t feature here, but that doesn’t mean they are inferior by any stretch of the imagination.

With that in mind, here are five of the top MMA trainers in the sport right now.

Danny is 26 years old and hails from Rochester, NY. He's been training in MMA for the last two years and whether it's the UFC ,One FC, Bellator or a number of other smaller shows he's always happy to settle down to watch some fistic fireworks.