Top 10 Hardest Hitters in MMA History

Some MMA debates are never ending, with one of those being who the sport’s hardest ever hitters are.

We at Fight Of The Night have put together 10 fighters who we believe have the heaviest hands and shins in MMA.

Gary Goodridge


With arms that resemble tree trunks along with an enthusiastic desire to use them in the cage, its little surprise that Goodridge made FOTN’s list. One of the postermen of the early days of MMA, Big Daddy’s knockout of Paul Herrera – which consisted of EIGHT repeated elbows to the head – in 1996 is still remembered as one the sport’s most brutal finishes.

His KO’s of Oleg Taktarov and Amir Rahnavardi in Pride further cemented his status as MMA’s most violent punchers at that time. While his career had been over for some years, it’s unlikely that Goodridge’s punching prowess will be forgotten by MMA fans anytime soon.



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