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The 7 Biggest MMA Upsets Of All Time


Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva – UFC

A number of people actually believed Weidman would be the one to dethrone the Spider prior to their match-up in July 2013. Regardless of that, Weidman had just 9 professional mma fights going into the bout while Silva had 16 fights and wins in the UFC alone.

But as they sometimes say, statistics and history mean nothing, and that proved to be the case in this fight. Weidman had showed himself to be a worthy contender from the opening bell, taking the first round against the champion before taking advantage of Silva’s showboating and finishing him in the second.

Weidman showed the victory was no fluke as he rematched Silva just five months later. Again, Weidman won the first round before Silva sustained a freak leg injury in the second round, which gave Weidman the victory and his first Middleweight title defence.

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