Stay tuned to this evening for all the results live as they happen from UFC 160 in Las Vegas.

The prelim action is expected to get underway at around 6.30pm ET (11.30pm UK) with the main card going live at 10pm ET (3am UK).

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Main Card:

Cain Velasquez defeats Antonio Silva by TKO at 1.21mins of Rd1

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Junior dos Santos defeats Mark Hunt by KO at 4.18mins of Rd3

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Glover Teixeira defeats James Te Huna by submission (guillotine choke) at 2.38mins of Rd1

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T.J. Grant defeats Gray Maynard by TKO at 2.07mins of Rd1

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Donald Cerrone defeats K.J. Noons by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

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Mike Pyle defeats Rick Story by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Big first round for Story. He was able to get Pyle down early where they remained for a couple of minutes but it was when the stood back up and he unleashed a nice flurry of strikes that he really started to heat up. Then in the final minute he landed a shot to the body and then as Pyle backed up he caught him flush with a left hand to the jaw, sending him dropping hard to the canvas. Story swarms all over him with punches, but Pyle does well to defend and survives to the end of the round. Story was able to get him down again in the second round, but then found himself in danger as Pyle worked for a kimura and eventually was able to really crank it and put him in trouble. Story did well to change position and defend it though. From there he did just enough to maintain the position, but not a whole lot of offense was landed to trouble Pyle. Story looked tired in the third and Pyle was able to land some nice elbows in the striking exchanges. Story still musters up the energy for a flurry to the body. He tries for a couple of takedowns, but doesn’t get them and instead looks to clinch up against the cage and land some knees. Striking again and Pyle’s definitely getting the better of it and Story’s face is bleeding. Story summons up another takedown attempt though and this time he lands it. Pyle staying active from the bottom though and manages to sweep on top looking for a submission. He rolls for another one, but the bell sounds. Pyle did well to come back into this fight though after a tough first round and he’s rewarded with a split decision win.

Dennis Bermudez defeats Max Holloway by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

The first round was big for Hollaway. Right off the bat he stuffed a takedown from Bermudez, using a guillotine choke attempt to buy him time and then spinning out of harms way. That allowed him time to work his striking, and he did so well, using his reach advantage well and landing the jab accurately. Another stuffed takedown later in the round, and Holloway gained even more confidence. A spinning back kick lands and wobbles Bermudez and Holloway flurries. Bermudez hangs in there and Holloway goes back to the spinning kick several times, slamming it hard into the body at one stage. Another going upstairs clips Bermudez and drops him momentarily to the mat as the round draws to a close. Holloway continued to get the better of the stand-up in the second, though wasn’t as dominant and Bermudez did land some nice leg kicks. Bermudez best moment though was finally securing a takedown in the final minute, though Hollaway stayed busy from the bottom, offering up several submission attempts without managing to lock one up. A brief striking exchange to start the third, but then Bermudez scores with another takedown. He can’t keep Holloway down though and so it’s best to the stand-up. Nice little spell for Bermudez landing a few solid leg kicks and a good dig to the body as well. Another brief takedown for Bermudez. Back on the feet he continues to push the action with Holloway slowing now. Hard inside kick for Bermudez and Holloway responds with a right hook. Yet another takedown for Bermudez and this time he’s able to keep him down. Elbows and punches raining down and Holloway’s bleeding. Good end to the fight for Bermudez and that turns out to be enough to earn him a split decision victory. Very controversial, I had Holloway clearly winning the first two rounds.

Robert Whittaker defeats Colton Smith by TKO at 0.41mins of Rd3

Whittaker was holding his left hand low in the opening round and was being patitent with his striking, but showed good accuracy when he did choose to let his hands go with jabs and uppercuts in particular. Smith looked the busier of the two though and was mixing things up nicely with both punches and kicks. Whittaker did well to stuff a couple of Smith’s takedowns. Late in the round Smith landed a nice punch that dropped Whittaker who then looked to try to grab on of his opponent’s legs and take him down. Smith countered with a kimura and Whittaker did well to roll out of it as the round ended. Early success for Whittaker in the opening stages of the second round, landing that uppercut and then another flurry to put Smith on the back foot. Another Smith takedown is stuffed and that’s big for Whittaker who’s now really grabbing the striking battle by the scruff of the neck. Late in the round Whittaker lands a big punch that seems to wobble Smith slightly and soon after lands a nice series of uppercuts in close. Everything’s landing for him now and Smith just looked to survive until the bell sounded with his face now beat up and bleeding. Things didn’t worse for him in the third as he pressed forward looking to regain his momentum only for Whittaker to cooly step back and unleash to big left hooks that floored him. He pounced on his grounded opponent and the referee jumped in to save him from further punishment. Smith gets back to his feet and protests, but he still looks on wobbly legs so it was probably the right decision.

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Abel Trujillo by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Nurmagomedov absolutely dominated Trujillo with his grappling ability over three rounds. He was able to close the distance, get the body lock and then manhandle his opponent to the mat at will and did so countless times during the fight. Trujillo just had no answer to it despite his best efforts and there was absolutely no doubt about who the eventual winner was going to be.

Stephen Thompson defeats Nah-Shon Burrell by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

There was a lot of clinch-work in the opening round here with the two exchanging knees from close-in. Thompson landed a nicely timed uppercut at one stage and also managed to foil a takedown attempt from Burrell, landing in the mount position, though he couldn’t hold him down and they got back upright almost immediately. There was more clinch work in the second, but in the periods when they broke free Thompson was starting to get loser with his striking, landing some nice little punching combinations and later in the round mixing in some of his trademark kicks to good effect. Back to the clinch in the opening half of the third round, but when they finally broke apart Burrell landed one his best blows of the fight that spun Thompson around, though he recovered well firing a few strikes back of his own. Thompson lands upstairs with a slapping kick, but Burrell eats it. Thompson’s looking weary and is getting caught with a few punches now. He lumbers into a takedown attempt and gets it, but can’t hold him down. It’s getting a little sloppy at this stage from both men now and nobody’s able to find a finish before the final bell.

George Roop defeats Brian Bowles by TKO at 1.43mins of Rd2

Roop was using his kicks well in the beginning to keep Bowles at bay, but once Bowles was able to close the distance he connected with some hard blows that hard his opponent in trouble. he did well to recouperate and get back into the fight, opening up a cut on Bowles lip. However, later in the round another blow in close from Bowles dropped him and followed up looking for a guillotine choke, even rolling into the mount with it, but couldn’t find the finish. Onto the second round and the roles reversed as this time it was Bowles who was dropped with a stiff, stepping jab. Roop swarmed on him and a dazed Bowles turtled up under the pressure leaving the referee with no option but to bring an end to the fight.

Jeremy Stephens defeats Estevan Payan by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)

Payan started off brightly enough on the feet, but as the round progressed Stephens began to stamp his authority on the contest. A takedown mid-way through the round lead to a big elbow strike that left a cut on Payan’s forehead, and back on the feet in the final minute of the round he had him hurt and backpeddling with a big punch down the pipe. In the second round Payan’s cut opened up again pretty quickly and after taking him down again Stephens handed him more punishment that left his face covered in blood. Eventually Stephens worked around to his back and looked for a choke, but he couldn’t finish him inside a round as a big pool of blood formed below them. To his credit Payan pieced together some nice striking in the early part of the final round, but a couple of minutes in Stephens spun to his back and took him down again. Another portion of the Octagon turned crimson as stephens landed some ground and pound. Gritty to the end, Payan never gave up and did briefly manage to get back upright before being taken down again in the final minute. What a bloodbath!

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