What’s Next For GSP And UFC 158’s Other Big Winners?

Following Saturday night’s UFC 158 event in Montreal we take a look at what’s likely to come next for GSP and the other big winners on the main card.

Georges St.Pierre:

There appears to be two options for GSP now. First up would be another title defense against Johny Hendricks who’s established himself as the No.1 contender, and the second is finally taking on-board a superfight with Anderson Silva.

At the post-fight presser GSP hinted that the Silva fight could be something he’d give serious consideration to now that he’s got a couple of bouts under his belt following his knee surgery, but I’d say Hendricks are probably the more likely option.

Johny Hendricks:

With six wins in a row against a who’s who of the division it would be almost criminal if Hendricks doesn’t get the next shot at Georges St.Pierre’s title.

Jake Ellenberger:

Impressive stuff from Ellenberger on Saturday night and cements him as one of the 170lb division’s top contenders.

Rory MacDonald is a fight that makes sense for Ellenberger next, but the UFC might opt to still make the MacDonald Vs Carlos Condit rematch next, in which case i see Ellenberger taking on Demain Maia who’s 3-0 in the division so far.

Chris Camozzi:

Not the kind of performance that’s going to have the rest of the division quaking in their boots, but nevertheless Camozzi is now on a four fight winning streak at 185lbs.

I just don’t see the UFC being in a hurry to give Camozzi a big fight, and instead I’d pair him up with someone like Brad Tavares who’s currently on a three fight winning streak in the division.

Mike Ricci:

It was somewhat of a surprise to see Ricci on the main card, and his performance did little to change that opinion.

I’d imagine he’ll be in the prelims next time out and perhaps someone like former Strikeforce fighter Bobby Green who picked up a win in his first debut recently would offer a decent challenge for him next.


  1. Once again, well written. Ricci on the preliminary was wierd. Same can be said for freakshow. But it wasnt so long ago that Stefen Strufe was the co-main event for one of the shows. The UFC throws the fans some serious curveballs.
    Your predictions were also damn near perfect. Every card I consider gambling on fights. This last card I was going to try an experiment. I was going to use your predictions to place my bets. In the end, I pussed out. I shouldn’t have. Just another regret to add to my list.

  2. Thanks mate. Yeah, I did nicely on the predictions front on Saturday – only got one wrong I think. It doesn’t always work well that way though, so don’t be rushing to spend your money solely based on my picks!

    I’ve been tempted to bet before, but it can be such an unpredictable sport at times. It only takes one punch to change a fight so I’ve just steered clear of it.

    I think the best fights to bet on were probably the Strikeforce one’s. I rarely ever got a main card prediction wrong for those events due to the way they did their matchmaking.

  3. Well, we will see what happens next card. I will keep you informed as to what I do if it relates to your picks.


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