Al Iaquinta Stops Joe Lauzon With Strikes At UFC 183

After a competitive first round, Al Iaquinta began to dominate the striking exchanges in the second round of his fight with Joe Lauzon tonight at UFC 183, rocking him several times before the referee mercifully brought the bout to an end.

Round One:

Iaquinta reaches for a single leg but lets it go and throws a punch instead. Soon after he tries the same tactic again.

Iaquinta with a short flurry, then Lauzon did the same. Iaquinta misses with a punch and Lauzon counters with a combination that may have his opponent in trouble. Lauzon continues with more offense, but Iaquinta survives.

Iaquinta seems to be ok and gets back into the fight with strikes, starting to target the legs with kicks now. He lands a body kick and a series of punches. Lauzon responds with punches. He lands a nice jab.

Iaquinta pumping out the jab now. He throws a combination of lefts and rights followed by a kick. Leg kick for Iaquinta.

Lauzon presses forward and lands solidly with a right hand during a flurry. Short punches and a kick from Iaquinta.

Lauzon with a big knee and then a guillotine attempt. It doesn’t work out though and Iaquinta exchanges and gets back upright.

Iaquinta really unloading now with smooth combinations of punches and kicks. Nice work for him and the round ends with him working for a takedown attempt. Fun first round.

Round Two:

Punch to the body for Iaquinta. Right hand lands for Lauzon. He loads up on an uppercut that doesn’t quite find the mark.

Another nice combination of punches ended with a kick from Iaquinta. Lauzon with a jab. He lands it again and Iaquinta counters with a punch of his own. He lands a solid leg kick and a push kick. A couple of punches too now including an uppercut.

Jab for Lauzon and then a takedown attempt that doesn’t pay off. Iaquinta target the body again with punches. He clubs Lauzon with a right hook. Back to the body now. Good variety. A punch seems to hurt Lauzon. Another one really rocks Lauzon and he drops. Iaquinta dropping down hammerfists, but Lauzon continues moving and manages to get back upright.

Lauzon still on very unsteady legs though and some of these shots are sending him reeling around the Octagon. Another does the same. Lauzon is extremely tough and refuses to quit, but this one could easily be stopped right now for his own good. Thankfully after another flurry from Iaquinta the referee does decide that’s enough and so Iaquinta earns himself another impressive victory with 3.34mins of the second round gone.


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