Alberto Mina Defeats Yoshihiro Akiyama By Narrow Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 79

In a back and forth fight at UFC Fight Night 79 Alberto Mina scrapped through a split decision victory despite being completely dominated by Yoshihiro Akiyama in the final frame after he himself had been badly rocked late in the round before.

Round One:

Mina with an early leg kick. Another low kick to the calf. Hard leg kick from Akiyama and Mina responds in kind.

They throw a leg kick at the same time and Mina’s lands better. Akiyama slams in another one of his own. They are battling to see who can land harder. Another kick across his opponents shin from Mina and Akiyama stumbles back and shakes his leg out for a moment.

The kicking contest continues with another from Mina, then a left hook. Front kick attempt and a hook comes up short for him.

Another kick from Mina, Akiyama short on a powerful punch. Akiyama still kicking too. Mina with an overhand right attempt.

A kick apiece. Mina in on a takedown attempt, but Akiyama backs away from it. Attempted flying knee from Mina misses.

Akiyama lands a couple of punches. Again Mina in on a takedown and this time he lands it. Akiyama trying to stand and Mina takes his back as the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Akiyama. Misses with another, but Mina finds a home for his. Right hand connects for Mina. Akiyama to the thigh and lands a solid punch too. Another hard kick.

Mina comes up short on a straight right. Front kick to the midsection for him. Huge uppercut high to the body for Akiyama.

Another loud ‘thwack’ as Akiyama lands a leg kick. Mina with one, but not so powerful. Mina fails on a takedown. Kick for Akiyama, stepping elbow strike connects for Mina.

Mina bundles into a takedown, but Akiyama keeps his feet as they move across the Octagon, then breaks away.

Mina suddenly presses forward with a series of let and rights. Right hand for Mina. Akiyama puts together with a punch and kick. Both men try a front kick, but Mina’s catches Akiyama’s groin on the way up and he gets a break to recover from that illegal blow.

They get back to it and Mina throws a couple of punches that don’t land. Akiyama tries for a head kick but doesn’t find the target. Powerful left from Mina.

Mina with a big right hook and Akiyama looked hurt from that. Mina thinks so too and he follows up and a couple of big left hooks drops him. Akiyama tries to scramble to his feet, still rocked and Mina continues blasting away. The bell saves Akiyama though.

Round Three:

Akiyama with a kick. Mina responds and tries to flurry in close. Despite being hurt last round Akiyama is still game though and soon after he fires away with a big uppercut.

Spinning elbow attempt from Mina. Left hook from Akiyama and Mina reaches sloppily for a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Mina into the clinch now but they break apart. Akiyama with a hard punch. He just misses with a hook as Mina stumbles into another failed takedown. Mina tries to lure him to the mat, but it’s not happening so he gets back up very slowly.

Mina looking very tired now and Akiyama connects with a short series of strikes. Mina flopping to the mat to try to bring the fight there again, but nope, he has to get back up. His left leg is a mess and he’s struggling to stand.

Mina’s hands down and Akiyama lands another few punches to the face. Mina trying for the takedown. Akiyama gets the better of the grappling exchange though.

Mina drags himself back up with a minute to go. Akiyama lands a left hand. Mina with a right. Leg kick for Akiyama. Every time that lands now it’s really hurting Mina and he flops into a takedown. Akiyama looks like he’s going to walk away, but suddenly drops down and ends the final few seconds of the fight landing ground and pound.


Terrific comeback from Akiyama after being rocked in the second round here, but despite a dominant final five minutes it’s not enough for him – Mina has won by split decision! (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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