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Alex Caceres Earns Split Decision VIcitory Over Martin Bravo At TUF 27 Finale

Alex Caceres earned a split decision victory over Martin Bravo tonight at the TUF 27 Finale in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Early kick from Caceres. He tries another, stumbles and falls to the mat for a moment. They clinch up but not for long. Side kick for Caceres.

Exchange in close as punches fly. Side kick from Caceres is caught by Bravo and he uses that to get the takedown. Caceres works his way back upright, but Bravo stays on him. Caceres reverses though against the cage and then escapes.

Nice counter punch from Caceres. Bravo catches another kick and brings his opponent down again, in the center of the Octagon this time.

Caceres trying for a submission, but Bravo keeps out of danger and stands over Caceres, then gets back down to the mat again. A few punches and then Bravo steps away again for a moment and Caceres takes the opportunity to stand.

Caceres with punches. Right uppercut conncets. Right hand for Bravo and one for Caceres soon after. Head kick attempt from Caceres. Bravo misses with one of his own.

Round Two:

Kick caught by Bravo and while he can’t get the takedown he does rough up his opponent a little when he’s on one leg. Caceres breaks free and lands a body kick.

Caceres with a good elbow strike and that hurts Bravo. Rather than follow up with strikes Caceres tries to leap in for a choke and it doesn’t pay off.

He keeps working hard though and gets Bravo down and tries for a guillotine choke, but again isn’t able to cinch it up. Bravo manages to get back to his feet.

They clinch up now then break free. Caceres with the jab and counter hook. Bravo trying to work his jab, but a straight left down the pipe stops Bravo in his tracks for a moment.

Kick upstairs attempted by Bravo. Right hand gets through for him and Caceres moves away to reset. Nice head movement followed by a left elbow from Caceres. Caceres leaves his guard open for a moment and Bravo lands a few punches upstairs.

Spinning backfist from Caceres lands. Bravo tries to tee off against the cage, but Caceres moves away. Body kick for Caceres lands, but is then caught. Body lock for Bravo and gets Caceres down, but only for a split-second as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Left hand for Caceres and Bravo counters with a spinning backfist. Single-leg takedown from Bravo, then transitions to a double-leg to put Caceres on his back against the cage.

Caceres gives up his back as he stands and Bravo clinches up. However Bravo manages to break free and they are back to striking range. Side kick to the body for Cacares. Punches for Bravo. Nice body punch from Bravo and then more strikes behind it as Caceres is up against the cage.

Nice one-two for Bravo knocks out Caceres mouth-guard and he seems tired as the ref stops to give it back to him.

Caceres into a takedown, but it’s stuffed. Uppercut for Caceres and a punch in return from Bravo. Left hand gets through for Bravo. He’s relentlessly marching forward now.

Another good body blow for Bravo. Right and a left for Caceres. One-two for Bravo and then an extra right hand for good measure. They clinch up against the cage, jockey for position and break free.

Head kick attempt from Cacares is blocked. Body kick for Bravo. Spinning kick misses for Bravo. Right hand lands for Bravo.

Elbow from Bravo connects as he rushes in. Now a left hand. Body kick for Caceres. Bravo continues to throw and Caceres returns fire with a few shots that land. Bravo trying to respond with his own punches in the final seconds of the round, but doesn’t find the mark.


Both fighters put a lot into this fight and the judges come back with a split decision verdict, with Alex Caceres emerging victorious (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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