Alexa Grasso Defeats Randa Markos By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 114

Alexa Grasso earned a split decision victory over Randa Markos tonight at UFC Fight Night 114 in an extremely close, entertaining co-main event fight

Round One:

Grasso with a body kick to start. Leg kick for Markos. Big right hand for Markos. Grasso with a grazing left hook as they exchange in the middle of the cage.

More short exchanges from both ladies. Crisp jab in there for Grasso. Markos initiates another exchange at close range and definitely gets the better of that one as she tags Grasso.

Nice kick for Grasso now. The pace settles down a bit and Grasso lands a leg kick. Markos bursts in with a couple of punches. Punch and a leg kick behind it from Grasso.

Right hand for markos and spinning backfirst ejected from Markos. Body kick for Grasso then a punch. Another couple of hard blows land as Grasso makes her mark on this fight.

Grasso now into the clinch against the cage. Markos attempts a head and arm throw and it doesn’t quite pay off. They stand and Grasso drags her opponent down.

Grasso looking for ground and pound elbows, but Markos does a good job of getting to her feet. Grasso remains in the clinch though. Heading towards the final 10 seconds and Markos reverses the position and lands a knee. She backs away and they go back to striking range as the round ends.

Round Two

Head kick attempt from Grasso just grazes her opponent. They trade punches at close range. Markos looking for a takedown, but Grasso manages to end in an advantageous position. She’s struggling to obtain top position though and in the end Markos is able to get back up.

Now it’s Markos trying for the takedown again and she gets it this time, but Grasso is quickly able to stand and goes into the clinch.

Grasso breaks away and gets back to striking range. Leg kick for here and couple of punches. Body kick attempt, but Markos catches it and dumps Grasso to the mat.

Markos in half guard and attempting to pass half-way through the round in the center of the cage. A few body punches for Markos. She’s still trying to pass, but Grasso finds space to stand up. Markos lands a knee as they rise.

Another body kick from Grasso is caught by Markos and used to take her opponent down. Beautiful reversal for Grasso to get on top. Markos strill scrambling though and transitions back on top in full mount. Nice ground and pound elbows. Grasso gives up her back for a moment, then thinks against it.

Markos trying to stabilize her full mount, but Grasso does a nice job of getting her back to half guard as the round ends. Another fun back-and-forth round there.

Round Three:

Markos circling around Grasso, but it’s Grasso who lands a cleaner punch when they let their hands go. Nice doubling up on the right hand from Markos to back her opponent up and almost catches a kick in the process too.

Now Grasso backs up Markos with a couple of punches and a kick. Markos looking for a takedown, but nothing doing.

Again Markos is in on a takedown and this time she does a good job of sticking it and ends up in her opponent’s full guard.

Markos lands a few punches and Grasso is doing likewise from her back. Grasso does a nice job of kicking Markos away to get the room to stand back up.

Grasso with a combination that connects. Now a right hand. Final 90 seconds of the round. Right hand for Markos. Grasso firing out the jab.

Markos trying to tie up, but then settles for a knee to the body and disengages. Grasso flashes out the right hand. Beautiful entry to a takedown from Markos, but Grasso stays upright and hops up threatening for a submission. Grasso back off and lands punches.

Solid punch lands for Grasso. Markos coming forward with offense. Final takedown attempt from Markos doesn’t quite pay off. We’re going to the judges to pick a winner in this closely contested match-up.


Both ladies had their moments in this entertaining scrap, but there can be only one winner and it’s Grasso who does just enough to seal the split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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