Felice Herrig Outstrikes Alexa Grasso To Claim Decision Win At UFC Fight Night 104

Felice Herrig was able to outstrike Alex Grasso tonight at UFC Fight Night 104 to claim a unanimous decision victory on the scorecards.

Round One:

Body kick for Grasso as she works on the outside. Both ladies looking to find their range in the early going here. Right hand gets through for Herrig.

Body kick for Grasso as Herrig misses on an overhand counter. Left, right and a head kick attempt from Herrig. Grasso with a kick. Now Grasso with a big head kick attempt, but falls and then transitions to a heel hook attempt.

Herrig gets out of the submission quickly and they go back to the feet. Both looking to exchange kicks at the same time. Leg kick for Grasso and then avoids a punch in return.

Another leg kick for Grasso and Herrig lands a right hand. Spinning kick for Grasso misses. Three-piece combo for Herrig. Body kick for Herrig.

Both ladies exchanging punches in close. Leg kick for Grasso and then punches. Right hand for Grasso, but Herrig flurries in response with left and right hooks.

There’s a frenzied exchange at the very end of the round that sees Grasso land a big knee to the body that gets an audible response from Herrig.

Round Two:

Nice right hand gets through for Herrig, snapping Grasso’s head back. Leg kick for Grasso and counter punch from Herrig. Herrig letting her hands go and it’s somewhat surprising that’s been happening quite a bit in this fight, whereas Grasso’s usual combinations have been few and far between.

Another leg kick for Grasso. Body kick for Herrig. One-two for Grasso and counter punches in return from Herrig. Another big right for Herrig.

Leg kick for Grasso. Another lands, but she gets caught with a right hand on the counter. Herrig is doing well with her counter striking tonight.

Hook misses for Grasso and she gets caught with an overhand right. Leg kick for Herrig. Now a jab. She fires off a few hooks.

Solid straight right for Herrig. Now a flurry, with the right hand getting through again. Kicks for Grasso and then Herrig works for a takedown. They battle for control in the clinch and Herrig lands a solid takedown just as the round ends.

Round Three:

Punches followed up by a kick to start for Herrig. Grasso misses a leg kick, but then follows up with a side kick to the body.

Grasso needs to get more aggressive and start working her combos. Leg kick for Grasso. Body kick for Grasso. Then to the leg.

Herrig pumps out a few right hands. Now she fires into a takedown. Grasso almost reversed, but Herrig ends up on top and moves to full mount quickly. Grasso able to buck her off though adn get back upright.

Side kick lands to the upper body for Grasso. Herrig with a body punch and a right hand. Another body punch for her.

Grasso working leg kicks, but is continuing to show little volume in terms of punches. Grasso comes forward, but Herrig lands to the body.

Nice body kick from Grasso. She goes into the clinch now, but they soon break free. Right hand just clips Herrig. Another leg kick. Now a one-two. Front kick for Herrig. Leg kick and a body kick from Grasso. She’s starting to warm up now, but perhaps too little too late.

Grasso steps up another gear in the final seconds of the round, catching Herrig with several of her best punches of the contest, though Herrig is trying to return fire just as the fight ends.


Herrig was on her game tonight and for the most part was able to oustrike an underperforming Grasso to earn a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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