Alexander Gustafsson notched up a decisive win over Jimi Manuwa at UFC Fight Night 37 this evening, dropping the Brit early in the second round for a TKO finish.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Manuwa with the first punch of the fight. Gustafsson with a kick in response.

Gustafsson is in on a takedown attempt very early in this fight and he slams Manuwa to the mat. Gustafsson in his half guard. He’s thinking about a submission, but nothing doing. He tries to advance position, but Manuwa’s got him locked down for now.

Gustafsson with a few shoulder shrugs to soften him up and he’s almost into side control, but then Manuwa moves him back to full guard.

Manuwa finds some space and tries to get upright, but Gustafsson’s right back on him. However, he can’t hold him down and they do reset on the feet.

Gutafsson comes forward and Manuwa unleashes a knee. Low kick from Gustafsson. Gustafsson with a short uppercut and Manuwa unleashes a leaping body shot. A couple more strikes follow soon after before the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Low kick from Manuwa to start the round. Gustafsson with a couple punches and a kick behind it. Gustafsson starting to put together some combinations now early in the second.

Unfortunately Gustafsson catches Manuwa with a finger in the eye and so we get a brief stoppage.

Back to it and Gustafsson’s working behind the jab as Manuwa looks to land power strikes. A big clubbing right hook glances Gustafsson’s head.

Manuwa’s trying to get something going, but Gustafsson looks fired up to. Manuwa with a hook and Gustafsson fires a knee directly up to his chin and that has the UK fighter rocked.

Gustafsson with some big punches to follow up, and it’s an uppercut that drops Manuwa forward on the canvas looking dazed.

The Swede follows him to the canvas and lands a couple of hammerfists and the referee has seen enough, diving in to save Manuwa from further punishment and awarded Gustafsson the TKO win with 1.18mins of the second round gone.

So, a quality win for Gustafsson against a tough striker in Manuwa, and that’s him lived up to his part of the bargain and it’s now up to Jon Jones to defeat Glover Teixeira in order to set-up the light-heavyweight title rematch everyone wants to see.