alexander gustafsson ears

Alexander Gustafsson got back to winning ways tonight with a unanimous decision victory over Jan Blachowitcz at UFC Fight Night 93, though he had to show off his wrestling skills and ground and pound to get the job done after finding the going tough on the feet.

Round One:

Gustafsson feeling out with the jab. Nice punch from Błachowicz. Both men exchanging early and landing at close range.

Excellent combo from Błachowicz. He means business here! Both men connect in close and then a nice straight left down the pipe from Gustafsson.

Gustafsson clinches and pushes JB up against the cage. Błachowicz pushes away though and then they break free.

Another good exchange from both men. Gustafsson with a right hook and then into the clinch against the cage again. Gustafsson already marked under one of his eyes at this early stage in the contest.

Błachowicz away from the cage again. Jab for him. Again JB is first with the jab as Gustafsson tries to follow suit. Straight punches for Gustafsson.

Gustafsson with a knee to the body, but uppercuts in response from Błachowicz. JB surprisingly accurate with his punches and he charges forward landing a three-piece combo that backs up the former title contender. it isn’t often we see Gustafsson beaten to the punch like this.

Gustafsson clinches again and then lands a good takedown. That’s important for him as he was far from having it his own way on the feet.

Nice elbow from Gustafsson as he works from inside his opponents guard. Another elbow lands. Blachowicz occasionally trying to throw up his legs for a takedown attempt, but Gustafsson brushes that aside and continues to look for ground and pound as the round ends.

Round Two:

JB feels out with the jab. He lands a big overhand right. Dangerous exchange in close and Gustafsson lands a nice right hook in there.

Gustafsson changes levels and gets Błachowicz to the mat. Smart strategy from Gustafsson. He goes back to work with elbows and appears to have opened up a cut on his opponent’s hairline.

Gustafsson almost improves position, but then has to settle for continuing to work in JB’s guard. So far he’s doing well from this position with these mauling elbow strikes.

Half the round remaining and Gustafsson very much in control on the mat. Blachowicz tries for an armbar, but it doesn’t pay off.

more elbows landed and then with half a minute left Błachowicz is able to scoot back to create space and Gustafsson stands over him, then is able to move back in, getting to half guard in the process as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

leg kick for Gustafsson to start the round. Nice right from Blachowicz as he steps in with purpose. JB tries a takedown, but Gustafsson shrugs it off.

Very nice straight right down the pipe for Gustafsson. Body kick from Błachowicz. Both fighters heads snap back as they each lands a solid punch.

Gustafsson in on another takedown and lands it. That could seal the fight for him if he can keep it here, and the odds of that are good given that so far in the fight Blachowicz has looked out of ideas as to how to get back upright.

Gustafsson with short punches and elbows. Gustafsson steps into half guard, but Blachowicz gets straight back to full guard and then the ref decides to stand them up.

Blachowicz immediately on the offensive as he tries to win back the round. However, before he can get firing on all cylinders Gustafsson brings him down to the mat again.

Back to the punches and elbows from Gustafsson and then moves to half guard. JB gets back to full guard though. Final seconds of the fight now and Gustafsson lands a final few strikes.


It’s not often we see Gustafsson tested that much on the feet, but he did well to show other aspects of his game with good takedowns and long spells of control on top to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).