Ali Bagautinov claimed a unanimous decision victory over John Lineker tonight at UFC 169 in New Jersey.

Round One:

Lineker presses forward to start this one off and backs Bagautinov up against the cage. Lineker looks to unleash one of his renowned power punches, but Bagautinov was waiting on it and ducks underneath, landing an early takedown.

Bagautinov working a little groun and pound from inside his opponent’s guard now. He postures up to land more blows. Lineker tries to stand, but Bagautinov keeps him flat on his back, then postures up again, eventually landing some blows from his knees.

Bagautinov trying to stand and perhaps improve his position, but Lineker suddenly grabs his foot looking for a heel hook. Bagautinov drops down, but immediately responds by trying to counter with his own heel hook attempt.

They both go at it, but Lineker opts to let go and shortly afterwards they both pop back up to their feet.

A bit of a stand-off and then Lineker attempts a body kick, but Bagautinov catches it and uses it to take him to the mat once more.

In half-guard this time Bagautinov throws down some body punches as Lineker tries to put together a kimura attempt. Into the final 10 seconds and Bagautinov lands some more ground and pound.

Round Two:

Lineker moving forward again straight away and attempts to land a kick, but misses as Bagautinov moves out of the way. Bagautinov circling around his opponent a little and then tries to push forward with a short flurry of strikes that don’t find a home.

He tries again and this time uses the punches to set up a takedown attempt. It doesn’t pay off, but he rushes forward anyway and tries a flying knee.

Bagautinov lets his hands go against the cage and then backs away before Lineker can return fire.

They rest and Lineker starts stalking his opponent around the cage. Bagautinov misses with a few punches as he continues circling and then Lineker unleashes a few punches that find a home and Bagautinov is forced into a half-hearted takedown attempt.

Back on the feet Lineker continues hunting him down and as more blows get unleashed Bagautinov shoots for a leg. Lineker stuffs it and lands a few elbows to his opponents body before they stand again.

Bagautinov really looking for a takedown here to change the flow of the fight, but another attempt is stuffed so he has to stay on the feet.

In the final 10 seconds they both start trading hard blows in close. Lineker’s punches land harder and Bagautinov backs off, clearly not enjoying the power his opponent wields.

Round Three:

Onto the final round then and Lineker takes the center of the cage poised waiting to unleash some firepower while Bagautinov circles around him.

A left and a right wings past Bagautinov’s head. Bagautinov clinches up and lands a knee before securing a takedown. He can’t keep Lineker down and he gets back up against the cage, only to be taken for a ride as Bagautinov slams him back down again.

Bagautinov in half guard now and dropping some elbows to his opponents side near the cage. Lineker looking for a kimura, but there’s nothing doing so he tries to get up and succeeds.

Lineker tries to get away, but Bagautinov sticks on him and drags him downwards again. He’s in half-guard again and trying to trap one of his opponent’s arms without success so he gives up on that and drops down some punches.

Lineker finds a way back to his feet and is met with some knees to the mid-section. Bagautinov still has him in the clinch against the cage, but not for long.

They reset in the center of the cage with Lineker back to hunting his adversary down. Bagautinov swoops for a takedown and eventually makes it work. Lineker trying for a leg lock, but Bagautinov peppers him with some punches.

Amusingly, Bagautinov stands up while Lineker’s trying for the submission and holds his hands up, posing for the crowd, clearly not worried about the attempt. And that’s where the fight ends, we’re going to the judges.


Bagautinov’s wrestling really helped him out here and helps him to a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).