Alistair Overeem Savagely KO’s Mark Hunt With Knees At UFC 209

Alistair Overeem ufc

Alistair Overeem notched up a huge knockout win over Mark Hunt tonight at UFC 209 courtesy of some savage knee strikes.

Round One:

Early leg kick from Hunt. Another one, this time checked by Overeem. Third kick from Hunt and Overeem attempts to counter with a punch and doesn’t connect.

Hunt’s right shin starts pouring blood from that earlier checked kick. Nice oblique kick for Overeem. The two almost bump heads as they collide at close range.

A couple more oblique kicks from ‘The Reem’. Big body kick for Hunt. Front kick to the body from Overeem and then a light leg kick.

Overeem with a right hand in close. Leg kick for Hunt. Overeem throws a kick and Hunt counters with a punch that knocks his opponent off-balance. Doesn’t seem hurt though.

Leg kick for Overeem. And another. Solid body kick for Hunt. Oblique kick from Overeem. Punch and a leg kick from the Dutchman.

Overeem tries to clinch up, but is shurgged off. They get into clinch range again and Overeem lands a knee to the body.

Hunt stalking Overeem, who turns and runs like he did in his last fight against Stipe Miocic. Doesn’t seem like a smart strategy, but Hunt doesn’t have enough time left on the clock to make him pay too much.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Overeem. A punch now and then a spinning back kick to the midsection. Another nice punch and Hunt responds with a body kick.

Front kick to the body for Overeem. He tries a teep kick upstairs that just misses. Now back to the oblique kick. ‘The Reem’ steps in to a powerful knee to the body.

Huge knee to the body against the cage seems to take it’s toll on Hunt and he bends over. Another hard knee lands, but Hunt toughs it out.

Overeem happy to remain in the clinch against the cage and lands a few more knees before Hunt finally gets away. Kick from Hunt now.

Big elbow lands for Hunt and that backs up Overeem. Hunt smells blood here, but as he’s looking for more big shots Overeem is able to clinch up and turn Hunt into the cage.

Nice elbow for Overeem as he looks to reassert himself. Back to the knees to the body from him. Hunt with a choppy elbow that hurts Overeem again, but he hands onto the clinch and retains his dominant position, landing another knee.

Hunt tees off with two big elbow strikes and Overeem just smothers him against the cage for the final few seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Overeem attempts to clinch up and almost eats an elbow for his troubles. Overeem with the jab. He lands a nice right.

Front kick to the body for Overeem. ‘The Reem’ gets on his bike again, running away from Hunt for a moment, and that attracts large boos from the crowd.

Soon after Overeem closes the distance and pushes Hunt against the cage. Overeem cracks him with an elbow, then a massive knee upstairs that buckles Hunt’s legs, with a final one and a punch also connecting as Hunt faceplants unconscious onto the canvas!

1.44mins into the third round for the KO there and that’s a big feather in Overeem’s cap as Hunt can take punishment like no other.

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