Alistair Overeem TKO’d Andrei Arlovski in spectacular fashion tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 87.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Arlovski takes the center of the Octagon for now. Arlovski steps in with a series of punches and Overeem covers up against the cage as his opponent works to the head and body.

Overeem able to move away and Arlovski continues to stalk him. Overeem tries to look for a takedown, but Arlovski stops it and pushes him to the cage.

Not much action from this spot. Overeem finally with a couple of knee and then they separate. Arlovski looking to land the straight right.

Left hand for Overeem. He clinches up for a moment and lands a knee upstairs. Body punch from Arlovski who tries to clinch, but Overeem doesn’t oblige.

Hard body kick for Overeem. Leg kick from him now and Arlovski just misses on the counter punch. Oblique kick attempt from Overeem.

Solid leg kick now for Overeem. They clinch and overeem lands a knee and then forces a trip takedown. He moves into Arlovski’s full guard. He’s being patient from this position, finally landing a couple of good right hooks to the head. Arlovski with an upkick as Overeem opts to stand over him and that’s the final action of the opening round.

Round Two:

Overhand right for Arlovski to start the second. He throws out the front kick to the body now. Arlovski moving on the outside, then steps into the center and unleashes a combo of punches followed by a kick. Arlovski immediately responds with a combination of his own.

Jumping front kick to the face from Overeem out of nowhere! He then blasts Arlovski with a left hook to the face that drops ‘The Pitbull’. Overeem follows up with big ground and pound on the mat, and that’s it, ‘The Reem’ gets a highlight reel TKO finish in his native Holland!

Amazing to see a heavyweight land that spectacular front kick, and it turns out Overeem actually disclocated his toe while landing it. He didn’t appear to care though, the victory was what matters, his fourth in a row, and that puts him in a strong position to call for a title shot now.