Amanda Nunes TKO’s Holly Holm With Head Kick At UFC 239

Amanda Nunes proved once again why she’s the greatest female fighter of all-time with a perfect head kick TKO against Holly Holm tonight at UFC 239.

Round One:

Holm keeping the center of the Octagon to start. Body kick for Nunes. Kick to the thigh from Holm. Nunes throws a couple of punches, but not finding her range.

Leg kick for Nunes, but Holm counters with a punch that knocks Nunes off-balance.

Side kick to the thigh for Holm. Inside leg kick from Nunes. Head kick from Nunes is blocked. Straight right for Nunes now.

Side kick to the leg again from Holm. Nunes just comes up short with an overhand. Punches for HOlm and then clinches.

Nunes misses with a powerful punch, but lands knees to the body. Takedown from Nunes, but Holm stands straight back up.

Leg kick for Nunes. Side kick to the leg from Holm. And again. Hard left hand from Nunes lands clean. Hard body kick for Nunes and then a right hook.

Nunes goes for a right head kick and it’s a perfect connection that drops Holm to her butt. Nunes hunts her down on the mat immediately with a hard right hook and then a couple more behind it to secure the highlight-reel TKO victory at 4.10mins of the first round.

Holm gets back to her feet on unsteady legs afterwards and officials have to let her know the fight is over as she still seems dazed and confused. Brilliant stuff from Nunes, who already had the resume to claim to be the greatest female fighter in MMA history and has now further cemented that status tonight.

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