Anderson Silva Had To Be Held Back From Chael Sonnen During A Tense Staredown Ahead Of UFC 148

Chael Sonnen deserves full credit for drumming up interest almost single-handedly for his first fight with Anderson Silva, and generating interest in their upcoming rematch, but as fight night approaches it’s Anderson Silva who’s got everybody salivating at the prospect of Saturday night’s showdown.

Last week the champion turned up the heat by vowing to break every bone in Sonnen’s body, and after today’s UFC 148 pre-fight press conference Silva looked like he wanted to make good on that promise before they even set foot in the Octagon as he got a little too close for comfort during a photo-op with his outspoken rival.

In the end Silva had to be held back by officials on-stage in order to ensure things didn’t get out of hand, and it certainly whetted the appetite for what might happen when the two are finally allowed to lay hands on each other in just four days time.

Check out the video clip of the staredown below.


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