Andrew Sanchez Defeats Khalil Rountree By Unanimous Decision At TUF 23 Finale

Andrew Sanchez outwrestled Khalil Roundtree tonight at the TUF 23 Finale to win the light-heavyweight tournament and become the next ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner.

Round One:

Sanchez with a head kick to start and Roundtree counters with punches. Sanchez with a front kick attempt then bursts into a takedown, but Rountree sprawls nicely.

Rountree with a winging strike that doesn’t find the mark. Kick from Sanchez that’s blocked. He’s in on a takedown attempt again. He doesn’t land it straight away, but continues working for it and does get Rountree to the mat.

Rountree able to work his way over to the cage and then eventually stands, but Sanchez is able to drag him to the mat again. Rountree stands for a second time, but Sanchez is relentless in pursuit of grappling action and it’s not long before he gets his way and brings his opponent back down.

Now in half guard, Sanchez stays heavy on his opponent and lands a few punches to the head. A minute to go and Rountree stands again. Sanchez continues to grapple, but Rountree is able to break away at last.

Unfortunately for Rountree, as he looks to strike, Sanchez just ducks down and lands yet another takedown, maintaining top control until the end of the round.

Round Two:

Sanchez with a leg kick. He tries for a side kick, then goes for the takedown, but it’s stuffed. Rountree snaps out the jab and then lands a good left hook.

Sanchez immediately in looking for a takedown against the cage, but Rountree defends for now. Sanchez on a single-leg attempt, but doesn’t get it.

FInally Sanchez drags Rountree to the mat and is back in half-guard in a very similar position to the first round. A knee and a couple of punches land for Sanchez. He scores with a few more light punches a he continues to grind away at his opponent.

Sanchez trying to get around to Rountree’s back. He lands repeated right hands to Roundtree’s head that makes his nose bleed. Final 10 seconds of the round and Sanchez loads up on a heavier punch.

All Sanchez in the opening 10 minutes of this fight.

Round Three:

Rountree starts with a head kick attempt that comes up short. Sanchez with a head kick that misses then tries to sneak in a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Sanchez in for a single leg and Rountree tries to fight him off with punches. He manages to stay upright, but Sanchez runs him over to the cage.

Sanchez takes his time and then goes for the trip to bring the fight back to the mat. A little ground and pound for Sanchez. Crowd getting restless with Sanchez’s grinding style, but his strategy is clearly winning him this fight.

A familiar scenario here now as Sanchez works from half-guard, while hoping that Rountree might give up his back. 90 seconds to go and he lands some punches to his opponent’s head.

Rountree’s just never been in this fight, and it doesn’t look as if anything’s going to change in the final minute. Repeated right hands for Sanchez. He’s not going all out for the finish though and so we’re heading for a judges verdict.


Absolutely no doubt about the winner here, with Sanchez using his superior wrestling to dominate Rountree on the mat from start to finish for a unanimous decision victory (30-25 x2, 30-26).


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