Anthony Johnson once again displayed his fearsome punching power as he stopped Jimi Manuwa tonight at UFC 191 by KO early in the second round.

Round One:

Manuwa with a leg kick to start. Punches in close and then a kick upstairs. Johnson with a big kick of his own and punches. Manuwa looks a little staggered already from a right hand to the temple.

Manuwa quickly regains his composure, but Johnson comes forward again and lands a takedown. Manuwa on his knees against the cage and Johnson is on top and landing some right hands. Johnson looks significantly bigger than his opponent and is weighing heavily on him.

Manuwa does get back up though and is thinking about a takedown of his own, but it’s Johnson who ends up dumping him back down to the mat. This time he’s in half guard and is staying tight as he looks to get his leg free. He almost does so, but Manuwa immediately gets him back to half.

Shoulder bumps from Johnson as he stays tight. Manuwa tries to scramble and does get back upright. Johnson lands punches. Manuwa with a kick and into the clinch. He presses Johnson against the cage. Johnson landing a couple of knees to the leg. Manuwa not doing a lot with the position here apart from exchanging a few knees. Johnson the busier of the two here and then reverses the clinch position as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Johnson connects with a right hand. He tries a push kick but it just glances. Manuwa looking for a hook and Johnson is happy to exchange heavy leather.

Body kick from Johnson and then a big right hand to the chin behind it that sends the Brit to the mat. He quickly follows up with ground and pound and it’s all over, Johnson gets himself another KO victory with just 28 seconds gone in the second stanza.

Manuwa protests that the fight was stopped too early, but he really got his bell rung there and may have been out momentarily, so it was probably for the best that onslaught ended when it did.