Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson took just 86 seconds to knock Ryan Bader out cold tonight with ground and pound in the main event of UFC On FOX 18.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Bader in quickly with a low takedown, but Johnson stuffs it and ends up holding his opponent down as Bader turtles up on his knees.

Bader looks to work a kimura attempt to keep Johnson busy for now. They scramble and Johnson is able to get into full mount, but Bader still has a hold of that arm and is desparately trying to maintain that small level of control in an otherwise bad position for him.

Johnson gets his arm free and as Bader gives up his back completely he immediately starts blasting him with power shots to the head. ‘Rumble’ has nasty power in his hands and apparently that translates to his ground and pound too as that series of punches knocks him out! Johnson finishes Bader in just 86 seconds of Octagon action.

So, Johnson proves once again that he’s one of the most devastating punchers in the sport and puts himself back in the title picture, while Bader’s five fight winning streak comes to a screeching halt.