Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva has fired back at his critics just days after his disappointing 15 seconds loss to Stefan Struve at UFC Fight Night 87.

Silva took aim at his fellow Brazilians in particular in his rant on Instagram, even giving out the address of the gym that he trains at for any fans who want to try and back up their words with actions.

Unfortunately, nasty remarks on social media are part and parcel of a fighters life in this day and age, and no-one is immune to it.

More troubling for ‘Bigfoot’ however, is the fact that he’s now tasted victory in just one of his last seven fights, and with five of those losses coming by either KO or TKO, and alarmingly all coming in the first round, the 36 year-old must now surely be giving serious thought to whether it’s time to retire.

For now though, read Silva’s heart-felt response to his detractors below.

“Many people think that because we’re famous, we don’t have feelings or the will to respond to some things. I’ll be very open and transparent to a lot of (expletive) Brazilians. This is why our country is miserable: because of lack of education, of culture and anti-patriotism.

“I want those who are jealous, envious because they couldn’t achieve their goals and success in life, who find it easier to sit there a behind a computer and speak badly of others who work hard, overcoming pain, exhaustion, and often times overcoming illnesses to achieve success … I want those of you who only talk trash to go (expletive) yourselves, to go sit on a big macaxeira (type of root) and, if you think that’s bad or get as angry as you are in front of a computer: I train from Monday to Saturday at American Top Team.

“‘5750 FL-7- Coconut Creek, Florida 33073,’ this is the address. Show up and don’t forget to bring a mouthpiece, gloves and shin guards. Thank you from my heart to those who recognize the work of a professional. I apologize for venting and for my lack of manners to all of you who like MMA or any other sport and recognize that a professional athlete doesn’t live only on wins. No one wants to be defeated, but we make one plan and God makes another.”