Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira claimed a submission win on his return to the Octagon in Rio tonight at UFC 153, but Dave Herman made him work for it.

Herman threw a couple of kicks to start the fight off and Big Nog rushed him and got a body lock.

He’s looking to take him to the floor, but it’s Herman who ends up on top as they hit the mat.

Nogueira tries to improve his postion from his back and Herman opts to back up and reset this fight on the feet where he’s more comfortable.

More kicks from Herman, this time to the mid-section as Nogueira loads up for punches.

Herman’s rangey stance is making it awkward for the Brazilian, but he is still finding success with his strikes when he lunges in with them and tags Herman a few times in the remainder of the round.

Onto the second round and Big Nog rushes forward and lands a left hook cleanly to Herman’s chin that knocks him to the mat.

Nogueira’s looking for an armbar, but Herman’s takedown defense is better than expected and he’s able to survive it and get back upright.

Big Nog presses forward but is taken down by Herman. Again he doesn’t want to mess with the Brazilian on the mat though and backs away.

Nogueira has put more into this fight so far, and is perhaps looking a little tired, but he’s still going after Herman who looks fresher, but seems to be pacing himself.

The Brazilian again drives forward, grabs ahold of Herman and takes him to the mat and then effortlessly moves into full mount.

Nogueira’s back looking for a submission, opting for another armbar attempt, but Herman is resisting it and the action stalls.

Perseverance pays of for Big Nog though as Herman tries to roll out of it and finds himself in a more precarious position, allowing Nogueira to go belly down and apply the neccessary pressure to force the tap with 4.31mins of Rd2 gone.