Antonio Silva stopped Travis Browne’s heavyweight winning streak tonight at UFC On FX 5, finishing him in the first round with strikes after his opponent had hurt his knee.

Browne started confidently, throwing an overhand right and then a spinning back kick, though neither strike made much of an impact and Silva landed a punch of his own soon after.

Browne lands a looping right hand, but it’s mostly blocked by Silva. Silva presses forward with strikes and looks to get a takedown against the cage, but it’s stuffed and he settles for the clinch.

They break free and as the look to engage again Browne lunges forward and his left leg gives out a little. It becomes apparent shortly afterwards that he’s hurt his knee as he’s moving gingerly on it and stumbles as he tries to throw another strike.

Silva starts to stalk him, and a kick to that left leg indicates he knows Browne is hurt. Going on the attack Silva lands a right hand to the chin that drops Browne. He seems powerless to get back up and Silva follows him down to the mat unleashing strikes at his head, forcing the referee to bring an end to the fight with 3.27mins on the clock.

So, a good win for Silva, his first inside the UFC’s Octagon, though Browne’s knee giving out definitely had a part to play in how this fight played out.