Augusto Montano Defeats Chris Heatherly By TKO At UFC 180

Augusto Montano delighted the Mexican crowd with a first round TKO finish against Chris Heatherly tonight at UFC 180.

Round One:

Heatherly with an overhand and presses forward, but Montano circles away. Heatherly leaps in awkwardly. He’s pushing for a takedown attempt though and gets it.

Heatherly in half-guard and looking to pass, but Montano manages to get him to full guard. Montano with an armbar attempt, but Heatherly moves to side control.

Montano manages to escape and get back to his feet. He darts forward and lands a punch with a kick behind it.

Kick from Montano and a winging punch from Heatherly. Montano manages to work the fight over to the cage and clinches up. Suddenly Montano unleashes a vicious series of punches and Heatherly is now in defensive mode trying to survive.

He does manage to weather the storm though and moves away. They exchange in close and Heatherly lands a nice uppercut.

Soon after Montano gets him to the mat though. Montano with a little ground and pound then Heatherly works back up looking to go for a takedown of his own, but there’s nothing doing.

Back on the feet Montano comes barrelling forward and unleashes a big knee strike with Heatherly pressed up against the cage. He starts unleashing repeated knees and Heatherly is back to covering up again.

Heatherly is bent over and getting pummelled with these knees, and the ref has seen enough – Montano gets the win with 4.50mins on the clock.


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