Bantamweight Champ Dominick Cruz Still Unsure When He’ll Return To The Octagon

It’s been eighteen months since UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz last fought in the Octagon due to a serious knee injury, and unfortunately he still doesn’t have a date set for his return to action.

In a new interview with he says he’s determined not to come back too soon, having underwent two seperate ACL surgeries already, and so he’s just focusing on his recovery and leaving it in the doctor’s hands to determine when he’s ready to return.

Recently UFC President Dana White hinted that there was a chance that the 135lb title would be taken from Cruz due to his long absence from competing, and expressed his concern that the 27 year-old may never compete again if he suffers another setback with his recovery.

Cruz gave no indication that either of those two scenario’s was going to happen however, saying that he’s “far from retiring” and stating that when he returns he’s not considering a tune-up fight and instead wants to immediately go back to competing against the best the bantamweight division has to offer.

Check out Cruz’s full interview below.


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