Ben Rothwell Submits Josh Barnett At UFC On FOX 18

Ben Rothwell put a major feather in his cap tonight by becoming the first man to ever tap out Josh Barnett with a submission hold in the co-main event of UFC On FOX 18.

Round One:

The two heavyweights circle around each other to start.  Rothwell with a flurry of left and right hands.  He measures with his right hand, then lands a kick and a punch behind it.

Right hand for Barnett.  Inside leg kick for Rothwell.  Another quick jab from Barnett.  Again he goes for that, not landing with much authority, but landing all the same.

Another inside leg kick for Rothwell.  He looks to clinch, but they quickly seperate.  Leg kick for Barnett.  He targets the body of Rothwell with a punch.  Leg kick for Rothwell.  Another jab for Barnett, this time with a little more on it.

Rothwell with a few punches.  Solid left hand for Barnett.  Rothwell with a slight bit of blood around the bridge of his nose.  Elbow strike misses for Rothwell and then he looks to clinch, but they don’t remain their.

Barnett with a body punch.  Left hand connects too.  Right hand for him as Rothwell tries to surge forward.  Combination of punches for Rothwell.  Now a leg kick.

Both men exchange jabs then a left hand from Barnett.  He goes for a body kick.  Final 10 seconds, but neither man lands anything meaningful. This fight hasn’t fully exploded to life just yet, both men seem to be pacing themselves.

Round Two:

Front kick to the midsection from Barnett. Another kick from him. Four punch series from Rothwell. Now a couple of jabs. He lands a nice body punch.

Barnett bursts forward and clinches up in the middle of the Octagon, then backs his opponent up to the cage. Rothwell manages to move away and get back to the center.

Leg kick for Rothwell. Misses with a couple of punches, but then follows up with an uppercut that finds the target. Barnett punches to the body. Cuffing hook from Rothwell and an uppercut. Leg kick from Barnett.

Both men take a punch apiece in close. Barnett punch to the body, then misses a little clumsily with an overhand. Rothwell misses with a kick upstairs.

Barnett with a body kick. Right hook for Barnett as Rothwell comes forward, but it doesn’t stop him and he continues to wade forward with a few strikes.

Barnett looks for a takedown against the cage, but Rothwell threatens with a guillotine choke. Rothwell has this choke in nicely and rolls Barnett to the mat with it. Barnett is very savvy on the mat, but he can’t get out of this one and he’s forced to tap with 3.48mins of the second round gone!

Wow, big win for Rothwell and that’s the first time Barnett has ever been tapped out by a submission hold in his long career! Barnett looks dejected sitting on the mat after that one, while Rothwell celebrates his fourth win in a row as he continues to move close to title contention.

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