Former UFC fighter Ben ‘Killa B’ Saunders has been re-signed by the UFC four years after his last bout in the Octagon.

Saunders had been signed to a multi-fight deal with Titan FC since April and had been set to fight another former UFC fighter Matt Riddle for the welterweight title at TFC 29 in a couple of weeks time.

The fight fell through earlier this week when Riddle pulled out injured though, and Brazilian star Jose Landi-Jons, aka ‘Pele’ had been drafted in to fight him instead.

However, ‘Pele’ ran into Visa issues and so the fight was scrapped and that appears to have been the point that the UFC swooped in and offered him a deal, and Titan FC agreed to let him go.

TFC have a clause in their contracts which allows fighters to leave if they are offered a deal from Zuffa, but if it comes within 30 days of a fight then the promotion have to agree to it first, and on this occasion they did.

Saunders had previously enjoyed a seven fight stint in the UFC between 2007-2010, going 4-3 during that period, with back-to-back losses finally paving the way for his release from the promotion.

After that Saunders secured a deal with Bellator and became a regular fixture there competing in three welterweight tournaments, producing a 7-3 record and making it to the final on two separate occasions.

An excited Saunders posted on the popular UG forum yesterday to express his delight at finally making it back to the sport’s biggest stage.

“It’s Official I am back in the UFC!!!!” Saunders wrote. “I wanna Thank Jeff and Lex of Titan FC for letting me go pursue my dreams! They really live up to their slogan ” Fans, Fighters, First

I made a promise to myself when I was released by the UFC in 2010 that I would not stop and would not quit until I made it back. I have done nothing since then but train my ass of to improve my skill-set knowing that one day I would accomplish this goal. I am so happy to announce with great pride that if you believe in something and pursue it with everything you got…. it can be achieved! I am living proof of this! :)”