Bill Algeo Beats Joanderson Brito By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 32

Bill Algeo earned a unanimous decision victory over newcomer Joanderson Brito tonight at UFC On ESPN 32.

Round One:

Leg kick for Algeo. Now he lands a body kick. Brito steps into the clinch and gets double underhooks as he presses Algeo against the cage.

Brito battling for this takedown attempt and eventually does manage to bring him down. Algeo starts to work back to his feet though and does so, though Brito stays tight to him and hoists him into the air, takes him for a trip around the Octagon and then slams him down to the mat.

Brito working for a rear-naked choke, but then Algeo turns into him and ends up on top. Algeo looking to get some offense going, but Brito is active from his back and then bursts back up to his feet and is immediately working on a takedown attempt again.

Algeo stuffs that double-leg attempt and now they are on the feet looking to trade strikes. Algeo threatening with a knee. Brito driving into another clinch opportunity but can’t get the takedown this time.

Algeo throws a head kick as the round draws to a close.

Round Two:

Brito wades into the second round throwing winging strikes, but then Algeo connects with a good punch down the pipe that seems to rock him for a moment.

Brito quickly recovers though and drives into the clinch against the cage. Algeo stuffs his latest takedown attempt and now it’s his turn to press his opponent into the cage and looks for some knees as he drags his head down.

Algeo brings Brito down to his knees, but Brito is soon back up. Algeo with a nice body kick. Brito with a couple of hard punches upstairs.

Brito backs Algeo up against the cage and then tags him with two hard punches that seem to daze his opponent, but then opts to go for a takedown attempt and that doesn’t pay off.

Instead, Algeo manages to scramble on top and Brito looks tired. Algeo in side control, but then Brito manages to work back to his feet. Algeo pulling his head down here and stamps on his grounded hand and lands knees to the leg.

Brito lifts his hand up and Algeo lands a knee upstairs. Brito gets out of the position and barrels forward, landing a couple of solid punches, then clinches up and that’s where the round ends.

Round Three:

Kick from Brito, punch in return from Algeo. Algeo lands a rangey one-two. Brito punches his way forward and clinches up. Algeo tries to reverse the position, but instead they break free.

Punch for Brito and Algeo seems to be off-balance a little after that. Brito lands again. One-two for Algeo. Brief clinch and then back to striking with Brito landing a couple of punches as Algeo tries a spinning attack.

Leg kick for Brito. Jab from Algeo. Another leg kick for Brito. Algeo lands and then clinches up while landing a few knees to the legs. Now a shoulder shrug.

They break free. Nice left hand from Brito. Now a right over the top. Calf kick connects too. Jab for Algeo. Ripping body punch from Brito.

Body kick from Brito. One-two for Algeo. Side kick to the body from Algeo. Leg kick from Brito.

Brito marches forward and lands three punches as Algeo also connects with a counter. Brito clinches up, but then it’s Algeo who lands a nice throw to get on top. Brito on all fours and Algeo is chipping away with elbow strikes.

Final seconds of the fight and Algeo raising a finger in the air to celebrate before the horn sounds.


A competitive fight then, but Algeo fought the smarter fight and managed his cardio better to emerge with a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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