late replacement Bobby Green produced an upset victory over hometown hero Josh Thomson tonight at UFC On FOX 12, claiming a split decision victory in a closely fought striking battle in San Jose.

Round One:

Thomson with a low kick to start. He fires off another couple, landing very low. Green throws one in return. Thomson tries another kick, but stumbles and falls, but gets up before Green can really capitalize.

Back to low kicks from Thomson. Green starts to press forward and lets off a flurry, but Thomson moves away from it.

Body kick for Green and looks to come forward with more, but is greeted with a combination of punches from Thomson. Green consistently trying to take the center of the Octagon and be the aggressor, but so far Thomson is working well off the back foot.

Thomson with a high kick, but it doesn’t connect hard. They exchange in close and a finger goes in Thomson’s eye forcing a stoppage but he’s ok to continue.

Green lands a nice kick and Thomson charges foward with a series of straight punches, but Green just shakes his head. He’s been talking a lot to Thomson in there so far.

20 seconds of the round to go and Green hits home with a solid low kick.

Round Two:

Thomson with a jumping kick to start the round, but it doesn’t land. Hard body kick does land for Green though. Low kick and then a high one from Thomson.

The exchanges are starting to heat up now and both men look to be up for it as punches and kicks start to fly more regularly. More is landing from Thomson and he shows some nice head movement too as he makes Green miss a few punches in a row.

Green’s very animated in there, chatting up a storm and shaking his head a lot when his opponent lands. Less than a minute to go and Thomson lands a takedown, but Green is quickly back up and jawing again.

Green tries to close in for the final 10 seconds, but Thomson does well to keep him at bay with a push kick.

Round Three:

Thomson with a couple of leg kicks to start. Green lands a nice punch as Thomson circles away. Thomson just misses with a spinning back fist.

Green’s changing things up now, clinching Thomson up against the cage and landing some shots in close before they break apart.

Green backs Thomson towards the cage again. Suddenly he leaps in with a flying knee that partially connects, though Thomson catches him and tries to clinch up.

Back to the striking they go. Green lands a right hand a kick. Low kick for Thomson. Half the round remaining as Thomson unloads with a nice combination. Green clinches and fights for a takedown. He gets it, but Thomson is immediately back up and lands some hammerfists down on Green as he’s getting back up.

Thomson’s got a cut to the right side of his face now. Thomson catches a Green kick, but can’t use it to take him down.

Final 30 seconds and Thomson lands a nice kick to the body. Green coming forward with urgency looking to let his hands go, but he’s lucky to just avoid a spinning kick from Thomson, and this fight is headed to the scorecards.


So, it’s decision time and the judges are split on who won…but two judges apparently liked Green consistently taking the center of the cage and pressing the action as he emerges with the victory (29-28×2, 28-29).

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