In the last week all signs have been pointing to Jon Jones potentially avoiding a full two year suspension from the sport after a failed drug test, and it’s now emerged that Brock Lesnar could follow suit.

Both fighters tested positive for anti-estrogen substances in the build-up and aftermath of UFC 200, which fall under the USADA category of ‘specified substances’.

Falling into that category means that they are facing a maxium of a one-year suspension, due to the fact that there’s, “greater likelihood that these (specified) substances could be susceptible to a credible non-doping explanation.”

In fact, in the best case scenario Jones and Lesnar could actually receive only a public warning, and they would also have the right to go to arbitration via an independent group if they were unhappy with the punishment they do receive.

However, even if Jones and Lesnar can navigate past USADA’s suspensions, they will still have to deal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission who can also punish them with both a suspension and fine.

Still, there appears to be unexpected light at the end of the tunnel for two of the UFC’s biggest stars, and it’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the coming months.