Brendan Allen Taps Out Sam Alvey In Second Round At UFC Fight night 200

Brendan Allen earned a second round submission win over Sam Alvey tonight at UFC Fight Night 200 after initially flooring him with a big hook.

Round One:

Allen immediately lands a couple of kicks as Alvey works on the outside. Alvey lands with a punch. Allen works into his first takedown attempt and Alvey is able to stuff that.

Head kick attempt from Allen that’s blocked. Low kick for Alvey. Allen works to the body and Alvey looks to counter upstairs.

Allen trying to close the distance and Alvey lands a left hand. Body kick for Allen. He lands one to the leg too and gets caught by a counter punch as he tries to go upstairs.

Again Allen gets grazed by a punch as he works for a body kick. Jab for Alvey. Alvey with a flurry that doesn’t quite connect as Allen closes the distance again.

Allen working a spinning head kick that doesn’t pay off. Alvey lands a punch. Allen into the clinch against the cage, but Alvey turns into him.

They break apart. Both men willing to throw caution to the wind a little here. Allen lands a big punch and Alvey staggers backwards hurt. Allen looks to capitalize with more offense, but Alvey regains his bearings and makes it to the end of the round.

Round Two:

Allen with a front kick to the body. Alvey presses forward throwing heavy leather without finding the mark.

Alvey with a leg kick. Allen connects with a body kick. Inside leg kick for Allen. Now a head kick attempt that’s blocked.

Allen works to the body with a punch. Alvey attempts an uppercut, but Allen backs away from it in time.

Body punch and then a big left hook lands for Allen and drops Alvey. Allen follows him to the mat landing punches as Alvey is on his knees trying to scramble away.

Allen quickly works for a rear-naked choke and it’s in tight, forcing the tapout at 2.10mins of the second round.

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