Brian Ortega Hands Frankie Edgar His First Knockout Loss At UFC 222

Brian Ortega made a huge statement in the featherweight division by becoming the first man to knockout Frankie Edgar in the co-main event of UFC 222.

Round One:

Edgar presses forward early, but Ortega moves out of danger. leg kick for Edgar. Ortega looks much bigger than his opponent here.

Flurry of punches from Edgar, but not quite connecting and Ortega is covering up. Edgar busy though and he can keep this pace for five full rounds.

Ortega pumps out his jab. Edgar with another leg kick. head kick attempt from Edgar is blocked. Overhand right for Edgar connects.

Body punches from Edgar now. Nice left hand for Edgar and Ortega isn’t matching his output so far. Another good punch for Edgar, but Ortega takes it well.

Push kick to the body for Ortega. Ortega looking to land punches, but Edgar is elusive for now. nice one-two for Edgar. Ortega misses with punches but lands a kick.

Flurry for Edgar. Kick for Ortega. Overhand for Edgar. He lands a couple of punches and then avoids a head kick attempt. Edgar tries for a takedown and Ortega immediately tries for the guillotine choke. Edgar immediately backs out away from Ortega’s vice-like grip.

Edgar straight back to his high pace with punches. Edgar gets caught with a big elbow and he’s hurt. Ortega fires off a series of punches and Edgar seems dazed and isn’t defending well.

Ortega back up and then uncorks a huge uppercut that practically takes Edgar off his feet as it floors him. He’s all but out and as Ortega looks to land hammerfists the referee rushes in to end the contest, handing ‘T-City’ a massive KO victory with 4.44mins on the clock.

That’s the first time Edgar has ever been KO’d and what a finish it was from Ortega, who didn’t rush early on in the fight, but when he found his opportunity to pounce he seized it with both hands and confirmed that he’s on his way to becoming a star for the UFC.

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