Brian Ortega Taps Diego Brandao With 3rd Round Triangle Choke At UFC 195

Brian Ortega waited patiently for his moment to pounce against Diego Brandao tonight at UFC 195, leaving it until the third round to suddenly unleash his high level jiu-jitsu and deliver a triangle choke submission stoppage.

Round One:

Hard leg kick from Brandao to start the fight, but he stumbles afterwards. He lands another leg kick after righting himself. Now he lands a solid power punch too.

Brandao aggressive in the early stages as we’ve come to expect from him, blasting away with punches as Ortega backs up near the cage. He takes Ortega down, but he’s wary of his opponent’s submission prowess so he backs up quickly and returns to his feet.

Ortega with a leg kick. Brandao with more strikes. Now Ortega clinches up and works him to the cage. Brandao gains control though and brings Ortega down. He’s working from Ortega’s guard for now, landing an elbow. He opts to back out again and motions for Ortega to stand.

As Ortega comes forward Brandao moves and tags him with a hook. Ortega with a punch to the body as Brandao tries to counter. Again to the body for Ortega.

Solid one-two from Brandao. A hook wings just past Ortega’s head. Ortega lands with a punch and Brandao responds with a flurry.

Punches and a leg kick to finish from Brandao. Ortega punches to the body again. Then he lands a powerful body kick. Straight right for him now. Brandao looks to go on the offensive, but Ortega meets him with the jab. They look to exchange again, but the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Brandao pressing forward, but Ortega keeps his distance. That annoys the Brazilian who motions at him to fight. Brandao with a body kick. He lands with a punch to the body and then going upstairs.

Brandao punches into the clinch, but Ortega moves away. Ortega starting to work his jab as Brandao pace starts to slow.

Brandao with a kick. One-two from Ortega but he receives an eye-poke. He doesn’t need a stoppage though, they go back to it almost immediately. Brandao lands to the body. Ortega with a body punch now.

Again to the body from Ortega then Brandao lands a nice counter punch to the face. Double jab for Ortega. Solid straight right from Brandao. Ortega trying to work with rangey strikes. Brandao wades forward with a few punches though. Ortega checks a kick from Brandao and blocks a punch too.

A few punches from Ortega. Brandao looking to respond in kind and eats a counter from Ortega. Ortega looking to kick now as he tries to up his tempo.

Round Three:

Brandao looks to engage immediately, throwing a series of hooks. He motions to the crowd with his hands aloft. He wants to scrap. Brandao takes Ortega down but soon after opts to stand.

They engage again and again Brandao takes him to the mat, but again it’s not long before they are back standing.

Striking exchange and Ortega looking to clinch now. He wants the fight to the mat on his terms and he does so, immediately looking for a choke, then moves to mount with it. Brandaon looks to reverse the position, but as he does so Ortega happily moves to his back and throws his legs up for an arm triangle. It’s locked in and Brandao quickly taps! Great display of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Ortega to find the finish from out of nowhere with 1.37mins of the third round gone.

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